{:title "Science without microsoft office" :date "2017-10-26" :tags ["LaTeX" "open-science", "org-mode", "programming"]}

Science without microsoft office

First published: 2017-10-26 Thr
Last updated: 2019-12-01 Sun

This is a living document. I will update it when I learn something new!

Links and resources


I recently had the freeing feeling that comes from wiping your hard drive and getting a fresh start. I have been using emacs and org-mode for virtually everything from programming to making documents and presentations, so when I was installing things on my newly cleaned computer, I just didn't find myself missing anything from the Microsoft Office suite.

However, just because I'm off the microsoft train doesn't mean everyone else is… I still need to look at other people's office stuff (mostly .docx, and .xlsx), but I really didn't want to install the whole suite just for that. So I used homebrew to download the LibreOffice suite, and despite some minor problems with rendering powerpoints, this has worked great!

Posters with Inkscape

However, I'd like to move away from using PowerPoint or Impress to make posters, and with a retreat coming up, I need to figure out a new way to make a poster.

Size and title

First I will try Inkscape, the free vector graphics program. I started using this post as a guide.

Poster size

I decided I would make a 42inX36in poster. To set this up in Inkscape, open File>Document Properties then select Page size. I used a custom size in mm as 1066X914.


More coming soon


I use Emacs org-mode. see my post on org-ref https://nickgeorge.net/science/org_ref_setup/

More coming soon