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Org-reveal and GitHub Pages

First published: September 28, 2017
Last updated: July 12, 2021

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Building nice presentations

I recently started using reveal.js and org-reveal to make presentations. They work great so far, but I also wanted to host these on my website so they would be easier to share. There aren't a lot of great guides out there, but after a couple hours of playing I figured it out.

Below is a YASnippet for my org-reveal presentations

# -*- mode: snippet -*-
# name: reveal
# key: reveal
# --
#+TITLE: $1
#+OPTIONS: ^:{} num:nil toc:nil
#+REVEAL_TRANS: ${2:none|default|cube|page|concave|zoom|linear|fade}
#+REVEAL_THEME: ${3:nick_white,black,white,league,beige,sky,night,serif,simple,solarized}
#+REVEAL_ROOT: file:.///reveal.js
#+HTML: <link rel="stylesheet" href="reveal.js/css/reveal.css">
#+HTML: <link rel="stylesheet" href="reveal.js/css/theme/$3.css" id="theme">
#+HTML: <script src="reveal.js/lib/js/head.min.js"></script>
#+HTML:<script src="reveal.js/js/reveal.js"></script>


reveal<tab> completes this header. The REVEAL_ tags are for setting up the reveal.js settings on my local machine and for my presentation.

I have a private domain mapped to my github as Any repository pages will start with<page>.html

In order to get this to render correctly, I needed to add the script and css links to the HTML directly with the #+HTML tags. Then I added the reveal.js source to my repo, re-uploaded and it works. First presentation: