Snake Snap- Thermal vision demonstration


For a few years now, the neuroscience students at CU Anschutz host a brain awareness week event at the Denver Museum of Science. Though the theme is different every year, this year we focused on sensory systems of different animals. Here, I will describe snakeSnap, a project Andrew Scallon and I built to (roughly) demonstrate snake vision.


  • FLiR Dev Kit from Sparkfun. Certainly the most expensive part of this project, though the technology is pretty amazing.
  • Raspberrypi
    • I'd recommend buying this starter kit if you are new to the pi, it has most of what you need for this project.
  • Monitor, keyboard, and mouse for the raspberry pi
  • snakeSnap code. Please note I plan to put a lot more work into this. The user interface and implementation will likely change dramatically.


Links to setup pi

Make a requirements.txt to pip install the python dependencies.

make the json file. Write a script to do this from a command line interface first.

First, update your raspberry pi and install all the dependencies.


General use

Future plans

As you can probably tell, you have to know a bit of programming and be relatively comfortable with the command line to use this program. There are also a lot of heavy dependencies for the image processing (matplotlib) and some legacy python code in there (pylepton). I am working on lightening up the dependencies, and porting pylepton to python 3. making this a Flask application and hopefully an executable so that you can just run it without writing any code.