I am a neuroscience PhD student and I study how central nervous system myelin is influenced by (and influences) neuronal activity. I am also very interested in all things programming, software engineering, and data analysis. I am passionate about free (as in beer and speech) open-source software AND science.

I like to learn new things, and this website is how I keep track of my projects, what I learned and how I did things.

Here is a link to my CV (coming soon).

Please email me if you want to get in touch!


I enjoy playing with the raspberry pi and microcontroller boards like the Teensy 3.2. Here are a collection of my projects with github and documentation links (if applicable).


Some random thoughts and posts. Whatever I feel like..


I run into a lot of weird errors and issues as I learn to write software and tackle problems with my research. I keep notes on problems I have had and how to solve them here. Hopefully you will find some of them useful.


I am currently learning Clojure, mostly because I wanted to learn functional programming and Rich Hickey gives amazing talks, but also because it is an functional programming language hosted on both the web with clojurescript (javascript) and the JVM with regular Clojure. Since clojurescript is a clojure trans-piler for javascript, that means that I can use one language to leverage all of javascript and non-web programming or backend web tasks with clojure!

This website is currently written with python and the Flask framework and made into a static site with frozen-flask and flask-flatpages for hosting on github pages. I am working on porting it to Cryogen, a clojure/clojurescript static website generator. I will write about that as I go.

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